Your industrial partner for in-situ equipment

Do you need temporary or additional equipment for ad hoc assignment or projects? We have a wide list of OEM equipments from Climax and Mirage available for rental as well.

We are also provide free consultation on technical design, provide fabrication and machining services for customised jig or fixture that you may required for unique job application. Being endowed by Singapore ITE as Certified On Job Training Centre, we are extending the program by offering tailored application based training as a service to enable our client’s technician to perform their day to day operation in using their in-situ machineries as well as metrology equipment. This will enhance their technician’s safety awareness as well as optimised their machine’s functionality.The tailored program will start by understanding client’s daily challenges, derive the deliverables, work out the timeline and determine the value.

Do feel free to give us a call and our technical sale team will be glad to assist.