To further value add our services to our client, we are also authorised distributor for below mentioned equipment whereby our staff are trained and certified to conduct in situ installation, commissioning and training as well.

SKF Vibracon

SKF Vibracon is a machinery mounting chock that is easily and accurately adjusted. The chock accommodates the angular difference, up to 4°, between machine and the mounting base without expensive…

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Spurs Line & Net Cutter Systems

Spurs Line Cutter Systems use the propeller’s rotation and inertial force to power the cutting action. As the offending line enters the propeller vortex, it is wound toward the propeller hub. Instead, the line is engaged by the rotating…

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Customized Engine Holding Jig

This jig make engine servicing a breeze by taking ergonomic factor of technicians by allow 2 axis’ electrical driven movement to position the engine to suit individual heights and working posture which reduce fatigue and increase…

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