Quality assurance in workshop are usually carried out using Coordinate Measurement Machine or precision measuring instrument under a controlled room temperature based on ASME/ ANSI Y14.5 standard as both ambient and part temperature have observable effect in measurement for many common industrial materials like steel and aluminium.

Due to the laboratory availability and size limitation, laser tracker and portable cmm arm are designed to bring precision measurement to client’s doorstep and able to leverage on temperature compensation using software computation if needed.

Accuracy and integrity of measurement data are of most importance to us. All our instruments are calibrated and maintained regularly by OEM to determine the traceability of the measurement. By investing and maintaining Spatial Analyser software, it enables us to simultaneously communicate with virtually any number and type of portable metrology instruments while performing complex tasks simply. SA can also integrate data from multiple instruments and help users find the best optimization to improve accuracy, save time, and reduce scrap.

In situ inspection and measurement are generally classified into these 3 categories: