There are cases whereby bolts are seized due to thread corrosion and thus unable to be removed. In this case, in situ drilling needs to be conducted and re-thread it to repair the bolt holes. Before this tasking can be carried out, the following factors need to be considered:

  • Space availability
  • Bolt size
  • Type of threading
  • Depth of hole

We have stocked up a large range of drill bit and equipped ourselves with vast range of drilling machines to tackle the possible constraint and bolt holes sizes that our client may faced. Cases whereby the surface is unable to directly mounted, magnetic base, template and fixture are designed and customised to suit the site situation.

Threading can be conducted using conventional machine or hand tap. Bolt holes which are larger than M50, cnc threading machine is deployed as the taps are not available off the shelve and required 2 to 6 weeks delivery lead time.

Demonstration of the Mirage HT50 portable drilling capability

Demonstration to illustrate the process on broken stud removal and threading

A typical setup for broken stud removal and threading using cnc portable milling machine