Our connecting rod restoration process start from inspection and evaluating processes to probe into possible defect on the unit. The rods are thoroughly cleaned before dye penetration testing or magnetic particle inspection are conducted to lookout for any hairline cracks which may not be easily identified using naked eyes. The rods will then checked for bend and twist, as too much of either can signal the rods were over-revved in the engine.

After the evaluation process, findings will be discussed with client before determine the corrective action by either straighten the connecting rod with the piston bushing or crank pin bearing shell being bored and grind using the following machines:

  • Zanrosso ELLE 1000 (Working Capacity: Dia 30 – 325mm)
  • AZ S.P.A BR1000 (Working capacity: Dia 30 – 250mm)

We continuously seek to understand our client’s business challenges by value add our services such as providing temporary storage racks to safe keep their con rod for their next routine servicing etc.