The cylinder liners of diesel engines are generally made out of alloyed cast iron – with lamellar graphite structure – casted by using the so-called centrifugal casting process. It’s main role is to lead the piston with its piston rings so that it can convert the combustion energy into kinetic energy.The running surface of the cylinder liner must meet special tribological requirements. On the one hand, the friction of the piston rings should be as low as possible to minimize the engines internal friction losses. On the other hand, the running surface must be able to continuously stock the lubricating oil, to avoid mixed- or even solid friction that can lead to piston seizures or piston jamming in the worst case. After cleaning and crack detection, the cylinder liner will be hone back to the require cylindricity runout.

In addition to the cleaning and crack detection, we will also rehone of the cylinder liner using Delapenia Auto Stroker with working capacity from dia 60 to 350mm and stroke length of 800mm. Do feel free to talk to us if you need insitu honing solutions.

We are also equipped with surface grinding machine from Chris-Marine for grinding of sealing surface between cyliner head and liners, and between cylinder liners and engine frame on medium bore diesel engines.