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Founded since year 1973, Metal Machines Engineering Service Pte Ltd is an innovative in-situ machining and metrology provider by continuously invest in our staff and equipment to bring optimal time saving solutions to our clients from Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Power Generation industries. With the widest range of equipment and largest team of field service technicians in Southeast Asia region, we are able to guarantee the time and quality to every job that we have committed.

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In-Situ Machining

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Engine Component Reconditioning

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Case studies
In-Situ 3D scanning onboard vessel to facilitate the design of ballast water treatment system

With the International Convention for the Control & Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments, 2004, entered into force globally on 8 September 2017, ships must manage their ballast water…

3D Measurement to determine machining datum

The compressor foundation need to be machined down to enable installation of compensators. In order to determine the machined heights of each pads, the centerline of the auxiliary engine need…

Reproduction of Obsoleted Pulley by Reverse Engineering And 3D Printing

A client has a cable reel assembly that consists of two winged holders and a grooved wheel that functions as pulley for a cable reel system on a machine. Due to material degrading over the years, one of the winged piece snapped as shown in the picture…

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