In situ facing process is carried out either using a milling or a single cutting tool depending on the size as well as the surface requirement of the flange or pedestal. Milling is the process of machining a surface using a multi-point cutting tool. While a milling machine is capable of getting a smooth surface finishes and cutting in a circular stroke, they are not capable of getting the required surface finish needed to meet the ASME B 16.5 standard flange finishing for leak seal but dramatically reduces the machining time which is suitable to large surfaces or surfaces that require large amount of material removal like bearing seating face etc. In order to meet ASME B16.5, the flange should be machined using a single point cutting tool or surface turning process instead to achieve the grooves/ serration required to create strong leak-proof sealing for gasket flanges.

Customized low profile facer to cater for low raised flanges

Pipe cutting on super duplex material

Pipe preparation for weld joint

Conduct valve flange facing using Climax FF1000

Pipe cutting using H&S Split Frame Clamshells AFC-28