The SKF Vibracon chock is a universal adjustable steel chock that can be used instead of rigid steel chocks, shims or epoxy resin chocks. The unique design of Vibracon allow it can be reused by re-adjusted to align any machineries over the years of usage.

The other benefits of using Vibracon are:

  • No parallel or angular soft foot problems, even when the skid is twisted or not machined;
  • No machining of the base frame is required;
  • Re-adjustable;
  • In combination with laser alignment equipment, alignment time can be reduced by 50%;
  • No curing time like epoxy resin chocks;
  • No time consuming in fitting of rigid steel chocks;
  • Chocking can be carried out when the ship is still in the dry dock, the alignment check and (if required) realignment has to be carried out after the ship has been launched; Please visit our page on rotary equipment alignment solutions that we are providing.
  • No machining of foundation, only locally (where the elements will be fitted) machining if required.
  • Reduced chocking time
  • Installation of the SKF Vibracon chocks doesn’t require special skills or tools
  • Usually no machining of foundations or base frames is required

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