SPURS design concept began with a development program that is based on opposing rotary and stationary cutter blades and wedge action. It works in conjunction with the propellers rotation and it’s inertial force to power the cutting action. When a line is caught by the propeller blade, it is then wound down towards the propeller hub. The line is then picked up by the rotating cutter blades and carried around to the waiting stationary blade. The resistance sensed by the stationary cutter activates the cam wedge action that causes the stationary blade to be forced aft against the rotary blades. Lines and nets are then cut before entanglement occurs.

Our installation technicians are trained and certified by our principal to install or replace the cutter on your vessel. We are able to render our in situ machining services to conduct necessary repair or modification on your stern tube for the installation as well.


Shaft mounted Cutter


Propeller mounted system


Spur Shaft Spacer


PSS Shaft Seal