By partnering with Ltech Engineering Services Pte Ltd, we are able to extend our solutions capability by providing complex machining job whereby the component can be pre-machined and complete the whole solutions by conduct finishing cut at site after installation. This will provide tremendously cost and time saving for our client. The following are their machine’s capacity:

  • CNC Turning Swing 530mm x L1100mm
  • CNC Turning Swing 1020mm x L3000 x bore diameter 315mm
  • CNC Milling 1250mm x 650mmx L750mm
  • CNC Milling 2000mm x 700mm x L1000mm
  • Lathe Machine Swing 600mm x L1500mm
  • Milling machine 800mm x 420mm x 320mm

With Ltech’s core competence in producing and modifying oil and gas field equipment, it is a synergistic collaboration between us which bring greater value to our clients.