Contact measurement methodology refer to collecting of single points measurement relative to each other in small or large volumes. This information can then be used for evaluation, inspection, layout or basic geometric reverse engineering using different specialised software like Spatial Analyser from New River Kinematics or TouchDMIS from Perceptron.

To capture localized or small volume information, portable cmm arms are the most ideal instrument as they have tighter tolerance and able to pinpoint those hard to reach area without the need for line of sight . We are presently equipped with CMM arm from both Tomelleri (Space Arm – 2.5m with 7 Axis) and Faro (Edge Arm – 3.7m)

For larger volumetric projects, laser trackers will be recommended as it has a wider measuring range up to 35m. To cater for different site situation, we are equipped with laser tracker from both Faro (Vantage) and API (Omnitrac 2).