Customer's Challenge

A vessel docked in local (Singapore) yard was in need to change its damaged rudder stock urgently. To proceed with the replacement, data collection of dimensions and alignment of existing rudder sub-assembly (rudder blade, rudder neck and rudder horn pintle) is necessary before carrying out new rudder stock installation deliver from Europe.

Due to the limitation in using conventional geometric laser alignment system and tubular micrometer to derive the straightness and the taper ratio, Metal Machines working partner was approached by the vessel owner to propose solution to enable collection of dimension data for the “as it is” condition of the rudder sub-assembly to confirm the new rudder stock.


Laser tracker is the most suitable instrument for this request as it has the capability to collect vast amount of highly accurate digital data on the angular, straightness and dimension of the cone housing.

Due to the lack of space at site, the API laser tracker needs to be placed 90 degree horizontally to carry out the measurement for both the Rudder Neck and Horn Pintle via mounting it to a special-made magnetic holding frame for the job. The 3D measurement was conducted within one day with the results and CAD file submitted to the vessel’s superintendent on the following day.


With the ease of capturing more digital data using laser tracker on dimensions and alignment, more information can be derived and studied through Spatial Analyser software to minimise any assembling lapse that may cause non anticipated cost and delay.

Laser Tracker has demonstrated its versatility as compared to convention measurement tools in term of productivity and effectiveness in conducting survey for complex geometric assembly.