Customer's Challenge

In face of the Covid19’s dire situation, many companies took the opportunity to evaluate and improve their process workflow.One of our long-term clients approached us to assist them in re-locating one of their lathe machines which is used to recondition turbine rotor. The lathe machine has a base bed which spans over 9m in length with a 3m wide wheel chuck as shown in Figure 1.

As the client wish to replicate the current condition at the new location, the service provider who are being engaged to shift the machine required the “as it is” information as a reference for the setup and commissioning.


The FARO Vantage laser tracker was deployed for its accuracy and ability to perform the following series of dimensional survey of the lathe machine in single setup:

  • Lathe Machine Bed (Rail) Levelness
  • Head Stock (Spindle with Chuck) Center to Tail Stock Center
  • Longitudinal and Transverse Travel of Carriage

The data points collected from the FARO Vantage tracker are transferred into 3D metrology software, Spatial Analyzer.One of the Spatial Analyzer’s functions is the ability to capture data in a “timed space point” fashion whereby the SMR is mounted on a moving component with the position data being captured at predetermine time interval. This function allows the carriage to be monitored as it transits in both longitudinal and transverse motion. Such data acquisition methodology captured both static and dynamic state of the lathe machine.

The digital data acquired shall be used as a base guide for the installer to replicate the “At it is” condition as well as a record for future alignment reference.


Laser tracker is able to perform global survey which conventional measuring instruments are inadequate. By taking the digital data of the original condition, the installer is able to replicate the machine condition at new site easier with much lower risk. Furthermore, the digital data is able to be retrieved to calibrate the machine in future. The entire survey process took around 3 days to complete under Covid 19 safe procedure at the work site.