Customer's Challenge

A client located in Sri Lanka initially engaged a local in-situ service provider to conduct machining on 3 jetty cranes’ foundation baseplates; after several attempts, the service provider is still unable to fulfil the crane manufacturer’s required specification.

With uncertainty insight for the machining scope, the client faced tremendous hurdle to proceed with the assembly and commissioning for the 3 jetty cranes in time for the new cement plant. Another challenge faced during that moment was the thickness of the machined baseplate might be insufficient for another round of rectification.


Metal Machines started the engagement with the client by deploying one of the experienced sales representative for an inspection. To have a better understanding on the structure condition, a precision laser measurement device was brought along to conduct immediate survey on the baseplates to assess the status.

Equipped with vast experiences in rendering in-situ machining and structural alignment for crane’s key components (crane foundation, crane pedestal and crane boom), our sales representative was able to analyse and advice the client the necessary solutions with the expected timeline to remedy the whole situation. Upon received notification from Sri Lanka, the Singapore team started the preparation of the customised circular milling machine to be shipped out on the next available freight slot to site. Metal Machines mobilise a team of 2 field service specialist to complete the recovering mission within 10 days.

The site team readjusted the first baseplate with some improvise jacking pieces at site to achieve the requirement without compromise thickness requirement. All the 3 baseplates are machined within 0.1mm surface flatness runout.

To ensure that cranes are installed without implication that may jeopardize the commissioning deadline, The site team put in extra mile by assisted the client in levelling the baseplates to the crane foundations.

The client is gratified with the quality achieved and managed to recover the downtime by commission the 3 cranes on schedule for the plant operation.


Metal Machines’ customizable in-situ circular milling machines is able to accommodate crane pedestal and round foundation ranging from 2 to 6 metres in diameter which allow a single machine to tackle different size of job on same location as compared to other off the shelve circular milling machines in the market. Such versatility helps to improve response time as lesser machines are needed for preparation.

In this event, Metal Machines had offered recovery solutions depending on client’s challenges by sharing our technical knowledge and exhibit efficient project execution.

Metal Machines possess a group of committed crew who are well trained and ready for imminent deployment for any in-situ machining or laser alignment task at any part of the world.