Customer's Challenge

An elevator’s motor shaft in a commercial building located at Singapore CBD area was found having excessive wear and chipped off damage at the bearing mounting area’s edge (shown in the photo below) during its periodic maintenance inspection.
As the protocol from the building management allow only 1 lift to be shut down for maintenance at all time, our client is facing a challenge to fulfil the maintenance contract unless the defect is rectified. Furthermore as this is a major corrective intervention, our client who is the maintenance contractor needs to propose and seek approval for the repair procedure from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the lift before they can work on the problem at the shortest time.


Being our client’s preferred working partner, our sale and servicing team responded immediately by assess the site condition to brainstorm several options. After a few round of discussion, 2 technical proposals were shortlisted within a day and submitted to OEM for approval. The OEM decided the option to insert a new sleeve for the motor shaft. Once upon received the approved sizing and sleeve material, Metal Machines deployed a site team with

Climax PL2000 Portable Lathe to execute the job while another team worked concurrently on machining out the new sleeve in our workshop.

Precise calculation was made to determine the machined size of motor shaft and the new sleeve to shrink fit without the need for final machining to save even more time for our client.

The whole job was completed within 3 days and the client is highly satisfied with Metal Machines’ response plan and cost effective solution.


Metal Machines Engineering Services Pte Ltd on-site repair solution has helped the client to avoid the need to either weld overlay or replace the damaged shaft which will definitely incurred much higher cost and extended elevator’s downtime which bring great inconvenient to occupant in the building.