Upgrading Of the Winch on a ‘Live’ FPSO

lowMetal Machines was being tasked to assist the winch maker to do some on-site machining scopes for the upgrading of the winch on a ‘Live’ FPSO. The scopes involve drilling, boring, threading and flange facing on existing winch; all the tasks need to be done in extremely precise specifications, thus no hot work such as welding, cutting and gouging is allowed around the machining area. Most importantly, Metal Machines has to modify the equipments to suit the adverse conditions.

One of the crucial work scopes is to machine the inner pipe shaft. This requires two boring bars to be aligned in a straight line by laser before machine the inner pipe shaft to a tolerance of 0.00mm to 0.057mm.

Beside that, the overall operation also composed of precision drilling. For instance, expansion and enlargement of M36 to M42 bolt holes with running fit tolerance Ø43mm (+0.025/0.00) at the drum body. To ensure the whole process goes smoothly, Metal Machines had run a demonstration and the approach had been tested before deploy for the actual job.

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