Metrology Services

Metal Machines offers a range of on-site survey, measurement and alignment services utilizing the
latest laser-based equipment and techniques. Originally established in support of our in-situ
machining services, our Metrology department has built-up extensive experience across a wide range
of applications, providing fast, accurate and repeatable measurement services to the Marine, Offshore
and Aerospace industries.

Typical inspection work can span from 30 mm tooling applications to 30 m FPSO turret surveys, with
accuracy tolerances varying from microns to millimetres. For very-large applications, where
conventional and fix-based Coordinate Measurement methodology cannot be employed, we have
developed in-house survey techniques to overcome these limitations. Also, in recent partnership with
GKS Service Corp, we offer state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning services. All survey results can be
modelled into 2D or 3D CAD data files for engineering analysis, documentation and presentations.

Our Services

  • 3D Measurement
    • Laser Tracker Services
    • Total Station Measurement Services
    • Portable Measuring Arm


  • Laser Alignment
    • Coupling Alignment
    • Flatness Check
    • Bore Straightness
    • Engine Pocket Inspection


  • Reverse Engineering


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