In-Situ Machining

Metal Machines is an industry leader in the field of In-Situ Machining.With more than 150 years of combined experience, our professional engineers and technicians have provided standard and customized solutions for the Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Power Generation industries.Over the years, Metal Machines has built up one of the largest and most comprehensive inventory of portable machine tools in the region.We have the know-how and tools for your application.

In on-site machining work, technical specifications and practical demands often vary from job to job, site to site.Where the application is unique or requires special considerations, Metal Machines has the technical expertise and experience to develop customized work procedures, modifying machines and fixtures to suit the job.Our determination to meet our customers requirements has led to success in numerous projects, and has earned us a loyal base of satisfied clients who have turned to us time and again.We offer the same commitment to you.

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Benefits Advantages

  • Extensive experience in numerous projects across many industries.
  • Large, independent team of on-site machining specialists.
  • Wide range and largest quantity of portable machining tools in the region.
  • Ability to customize tools and fixtures for unique applications and environments.
  • Professional project management and detailed reports.
  • Focus on safety and customer satisfaction.
  • Advanced metrology for greater quality assurance.
  • Continuous development of tools for increased speed and accuracy.
  • ISO 9001 and bizSafe Level Star certified.

Customised Machine Tools Low-profile Machines for Flange Facing

This ultra low-profile flange facing tool was specially developed by Metal Machines to help solve a problem for one of our customers.The low aspect ratio of this machine allows for flange face machining from 10 to 48 diameter in gaps of down to 150 mm (6 inches) of clearance.The machine is internally mounted and driven by a 230 VAC power supply.

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