Geometrical Survey on a FPSO Turret

geo_02Metal Machines was engaged to conduct on site geometrical survey on a FPSO Turret. Areas of interest to be surveyed are upper bearing, lower bearing and bearing seating face of the Turret. The geometrical survey was conducted to find out the pre-existing conditions of the 3 features in term of perpendicularity, parallelism, cylindricality and structure centre misalignment offset. With the data gathered; realignment and correction actions will then be carried out by both metrology team and Self Levelling Metal Machines machining team.

Due to the Turret’s structural height of 24m and its huge outer diameter size of 8.3m, Leica Total Station was chosen as the ideal survey instrument to be used for the survey. The survey results provided us with a better understanding on the structural of the Turret through the means of 3D analysis.

The geometrical survey has successfully assisted the client in analyzing the Turret structural condition. Realignment and corrections taken have enabled the client in the integration of the Turret to its vessel. Rotation test was conducted after the integration and it passed with more than satisfactory results.

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