3D Measurement for Thruster Pod

An azimuth thruster is propulsion engines placed in pod that can be rotated to any horizontal direction
of the vessel. The mechanical transmission, which consist inside the units are propeller shaft, the
vertical shaft, and the power transmission shaft. Any misalignment shafting arrangement will be wear and
tear on the bearing and gear of the thruster. In order to minimize these effects of damage, the designer
had paid a lot of attention to the dimensional process of thruster pod.


Using conventional method of boring bar with dial gauge clocking, concentricity of the thruster pod could
be surveyed without much problem at all. However, perpendicular relationship between the propeller and
propulsion shaft bores pose a challenge by using conventional method, which multiple set up are required.
This could take more time, manpower and reduces the accuracy of the measurement.


One of our in using portable CMM is to provide 3D measurement service for thruster pods. FARO Laser Tracker
was chosen for this service for surveying for perpendicularity and concentricity between the bore holes and
the tight tolerance requirement. By substituting to the 3D measurement, we are able to save costs and time
compared to the traditional method. Applying a laser tracker allowed us more accurate and faster collect of
data. Having the conventional method would take 8 to 12 hours could be accomplished in 30 minutes by laser

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